I grabbed a pen and an old napkin

and I wrote down our song ...

10 January 1990


if you don't know me, you don't belong here.

i'm female.
i love to learn.
i'm a california girl but kind of a hick.
i'm married to my marine and my best friend.
i support the troops, but not the war.
i'm happy. :)
i believe in G-d but not religion.
i'm ridiculously stubborn.
i drink sometimes.
i'm a size 2 AND a real woman.
i love tea, water, and starbucks.
i'm a socially moderate, fiscally conservative republican.
i'm anti-bush.
green is my favourite colour.
i'm a nursing student.
i like hip hop and love country.
i'm a dog person.

Obama/Biden 2008
this year, this republican is voting for change.

if i could, i would save the world.

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